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About Recycle Frog

Recycle Frog is one of Eastern Canada’s fastest growing and most trusted precious metal recycling company. We buy gold, silver and platinum items and that’s all we do. We are committed to setting a new standard of integrity and transparency for our industry. We provide a simple, secure and rewarding experience that is rooted in educating consumers of the financial and environmental benefits of recycling gold. Recycle Frog is a valued member of the Recycling Council of Ontario and the Jewellers Vigilance Canada.

A New Approach

Like so many other innovative companies, Recycle Frog was borne out of a need to fill a significant gap in the marketplace. With numerous companies buying gold and new ones emerging weekly, consumers now have dozens of companies to choose from, yet each company is essentially a carbon copy of the last. Every commercial features actors waiving wads of cash and remarking on their amazing experience. It seems these companies are all rooted in ‘pawn shop-style’ business practices – high on flash but low on substance.

We built Recycle Frog on three fundamental principles that encapsulate everything we do as a company, as individuals and as an overarching philosophy of ‘who we are’. These three principles are:


The first, and possibly the most important piece of the puzzle (to the consumer) is that Recycle Frog is incredibly competitive when it comes to its purchase offers. We won’t make misleading claims that we ‘pay the most’ or ‘won’t be beat’… those false and flashy marketing tactics are left to our competition. What we always promise is a fair, transparent and financially rewarding experience with offers that are consistently 15-20% above the industry average. You deserve to get a fair and competitive offer for your gold and silver items, and Recycle Frog promises to deliver that to each and every customer.


It isn’t just enough for us to be a profitable company… Recycle Frog wants to give back to our community whenever and wherever we can. That’s why we introduced our Gold Drive fundraising program. To date, we’ve hosted hundreds of successful fundraising events and helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for well-known charitable organizations like the United Way, CHEO, the Canadian Cancer Society and others. We also help smaller, less recognized charities, non-profit organizations, churches and sporting clubs who need resources to continue doing great things for individuals and families in our community. We believe that doing good is good business.


Everyone does their part by recycling plastic, paper and glass, but most people have no idea that recycling their unwanted gold and silver items means doing something truly amazing for our planet. Did you know that a single 18KT gold wedding band weighing only 7 grams (or the weight of a loonie) generates between 20 to 30 tonnes of new mine waste? You’re not alone. Recycling your old gold jewellery means you’re helping save having to pull this expensive metal out of the ground, leaving behind tonnes of contaminated waste. You can be green and make ‘green’ all at the same time. It’s time we Rethink Recycle.

In order to create something truly unique, Recycle Frog spent several years conducting focus groups and collaborating with a diverse cross section of industry experts. But to attract a new type of consumer, we needed to create a new business model build on integrity, transparency and consumer education. So that’s exactly what we did.

A Message from Our President

“I’ve always felt strongly that recycling old, broken, or unworn jewellery was an important recycling transaction, yet it has never received the consideration it deserves. It’s hard for people to see past all those cheesy television commercials.

At Recycle Frog, our first goal is to engage consumers to consider this transaction based on its own merits; to understand that while dealing with certain companies might not make sense, recycling precious metals does. Recycling gold provides an individual the financial incentive and environmental benefits like no other material. And now, with the introduction of Recycle Frog’s Gold Drive fundraising program, we’ve made it easy and pain-free for people to give back to the charities and organizations that do so much for those that need our help.

Simply put, recycling gold, silver and platinum is something people should feel good about doing – financially, for the environment and for our community. We believe that doing good is good business.”

Matthew began his career in the investment industry before gravitating to the highly specialized field of precious metals. He has worked for some of the most respected names in the industry including the Royal Canadian Mint. Most recently he held the position of North American Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Umicore’s Precious Metals Services Division, one of the largest non-mine gold recycler in the world.

Feel free to download a copy of Recycle Frog’s corporate brochure or its innovative fundraising program Gold Drive brochure:

Corporate Brochure
Gold Drive Fundraising Brochure

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