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Recycle Frog Buys Gold & Silver

Recycle Frog is one of the fastest growing and most trusted precious metals recycling companies in Canada. We will buy and recycle your gold, silver and platinum in any condition. This includes your unwanted and unfashionable, broken and mismatched jewellery regardless of the karat, weight, or color. At these record prices, you’ll be surprised what a little might be worth.


Recycle Frog’s rates are consistently 15-20% higher than the industry average. We know we pay more than anyone in the city and are confident we are among the highest in the entire country. Payments are made either on-the-spot (in-person evaluations or events) or within 48-hours (if sent direct).

Here’s a sample of the jewellery we buy:

Wedding Bands
Old Class Rings

Other various precious metal-containing items we buy include:

Gold & Silver bullion coins
Silverware and tea sets, full or partials sets, single pieces in good, dented or broken condition
Dental Gold (fillings, crowns, etc..)
Gold, Silver and Platinum Bars
Platinum Labware

We’re in the business of buying and recycling anything Gold, Silver or Platinum in any condition.

Please Note – Recycle Frog does not purchase the following:

Plated or Costume Jewellery
Plated Silverware*
Gold Filled Items (marked GF)
Other semi-precious gemstones
Anything that we might perceive to be stolen or obtained through fraudulent activities

* For larger items items like tea sets, serving plates, etc… that you think may be Sterling silver, often times if you look at the base there are markings that indicate the manufacturer and letters in several variations. If you see the letters ‘E.P.’ (electro-plated), ‘S.P.’ (silverplate) or the word ‘plated’, you will know that your items are not ‘solid’ Sterling. In the case of flatware, if you see the initials ‘I.S.’ then it is more than likely plated as well and therefore something we can not make an offer to purchase from you.

*** While we don’t actually purchase items with significant and valuable gemstones, we do offer the following service when we come across something that contains precious and semi-precious gemstones:

1 – we determine if it makes more sense to hang onto the item and sell it privately because it is worth more to you ‘as is’ than if it were recycled for the precious metal alone.

2 – if the setting allows for it, we will remove the stones/gems and give them back to you – and then recycle the precious metal. If the setting is too rigid or strong, and there is even the slightest risk of damaging the gem, we will not remove it and let you decide what you would like to do.

3 – sometimes the gems are what we call ‘chips’, or smaller semi-precious stones that have little or no market value. If we determine that this is the case we will counsel you on our findings and then you can determine how you would like to proceed.

The bottom line is that we’ll evaluate everything right there in front of you and determine what has value, what can be removed and what is simply ‘scrap’. We’ll counsel you on those findings and then you have all the power to decide what you do from there. If you’re interested in bringing those items in please remember there is no risk or obligation… and no cost to have your items expertly evaluated.

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Should you need any additional information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone, email or standard mail.