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Recycle Gold in Three Easy Steps

Recycle Frog offers consumers a variety of quick, easy and secure ways to sell and recycle their unworn or broken gold and silver jewellery. Our payout rates are consistently 15-20% higher than the industry average, and often much more than that. For more information on our rates see: What We Pay.

Customer Service Excellence


It all starts with you, the customer. Taking care of you and your items every step of the way is the cornerstone of our business. We’ve always thought we delivered class-leading customer service… now our customers have nominated Recycle Frog several times for it! Stars of the City is a customer service excellence recognition program – and Recycle Frog is the ONLY gold and silver buyer to have been nominated. Not only that, we received THREE nominations. Click here to find out more about our customer service excellence award nominations!


Step 1: Gather Your Material

To get started, simply gather your old, unworn or broken gold and silver jewellery. With near record gold prices, it doesn’t take much to generate a significant financial payout.

Step 2: Choose Your Preferred Transaction Method

You can come out to one of our many public events, or book an in-person appointment at our offices. For those that can’t do either – you can always choose to use our secure mail service. Our job is to make this is easy and convenient for you – accommodating your preference, not convince you of it. Your first step is to simply fill in the “Get Started form” or call us with your questions and arrange an evaluation.

Step 3: Get Paid

If you choose Recycle Frog’s in-person evaluations or attend any one of our events, you will receive on-the-spot payment. However, should you decide to express mail in your items, you can expect to receive a call from one of our experienced material evaluation agents and our settlement offer within 24 hours of Recycle Frog receiving your material. Recycle Frog will determine the value of your items based on weight, purity and current gold price then call you to provide details of our assessment. Once, and only once you accept our settlement offer will we then send you a cheque.

Yes, it’s that easy, safe and convenient to sell your gold and silver odds and ends with Recycle Frog, Ottawa, Halifax and Eastern Canada’s most trusted precious metals recycling company.

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Should you need any additional information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone, email or standard mail.