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What Recycle Frog Pays

Customer Service Excellence

stars_logoIt all starts with you, the customer. Taking care of you and your items every step of the way is the cornerstone of our business. We’ve always thought we delivered class-leading customer service… now our customers have nominated Recycle Frog several times for it! Stars of the City is a customer service excellence recognition program – and Recycle Frog is the ONLY gold and silver buyer to have been nominated. Not only that, we received THREE nominations. Click here to find out more about our customer service excellence award nominations!

Our Payout Promise

Everyone says they ‘pay more’, but do they really? Most companies in our industry make exaggerated claims about their payout rates. Some post artificially high price per gram charts and others dream up “highest price guarantees” with lots of fine print.

If you’re simply going to ‘window shop’, you’re not comparing apples to apples. It is for these reasons that Recycle Frog is no longer giving payout quotes over the phone or by email. Instead, we’re making the following promise to all our customers:

Because Recycle Frog is the largest gold and silver recycling company in Eastern Canada, we can offer among the highest payouts in the industry. We’ve found that offering the best service in the industry isn’t always enough. Our promise to you is that we will continue to compete to earn your business. In the unlikely event that you get a written offer higher than ours – just bring it in and we’ll do everything we can to beat it. We want to earn EVERY customer, not only with our exceptional service, but with the best possible payout in the industry! The only ‘small print’ requirement is that you must bring the written offer in on the competitors business card or letterhead. Then let’s see what we can do to beat it!

Recycle Frog’s significant growth and impressive list of corporate and charitable partners is a testament to how we do business. Whether you choose to deal with us or one of our competitors, please consider the following 4 critical factors that will determine a fair and accurate purchase offer:

1 – Price Per Gram: Price Per Gram is important but it doesn’t tell the whole story. Many companies post artificially high rates to lure customers in, and use material sorting and weights adjustments to lower their offer. Anyone can quote anything. This is an unfortunate and increasing industry trend where competitors quote unrealistic and misleading rates to get people in the door – only to pay significantly less when you see them.

2 – Testing Accuracy: Gold and silver buyers are trained to perform complex tests to determine metal purity. The accuracy of the material test results is directly related to the technology used. Many gold buyers still use old acid tests, while some have no testing process at all. Good gold buyers will have state-of-the-art resistance testing equipment, accurate from 6 to 24K.

3 – Material Sorting: Once the purity is accurately determined, how honestly they sort your material will vary dramatically from company to company. Sorting someones material dishonestly often offsets a high ‘advertised’ per gram payout rate.

4 – Weight Adjustments: All gold and silver buyers will make weight adjustments to account for non-precious metal material such as stones, watch mechanics, etc. Exaggerated weight adjustments can literally cut your payout offer in half.

Imagine calling a mechanic and only asking what their hourly rate is… Choosing a mechanic for the lowest hourly rate means you’re only getting a small portion of what the true cost of their service will be. Similarly, getting a quote per gram of gold or silver means you won’t have any idea about their process, weight adjustments, purity test accuracy and other critical service elements that will SIGNIFICANTLY affect how much money you actually receive.

Focusing solely on the ‘advertised’ price per gram is not the best approach and often leads to lower, not higher, purchase offers for your gold and silver items.

The image here represents a recent and typical transaction at our office. The customer had a combination of 14K and 18K gold. On October 2nd, 2012, this represented a purchase offer of $ 693.28. As you can see, even a little means a lot!

*** While this above sample purchase offer may not be in real time – our payouts always are. All our offers are based on the actual price of gold ON THE DAY you receive an expert material evaluation. Call us to book your appointment today. ***


Simply put, Recycle Frog is at the TOP end of the scale when it comes to buying scrap gold and silver. We regularly evaluates the competition in order to ensure our offers are consistently 15-20% higher than the industry average. We know that those online ‘cash for gold’ companies pay between 15-30% of the material’s actual value; antique roadshows aren’t much better, with typical payouts that range from 20-40%; pawnshops, mall kiosks and payday loan companies regularly pay between 30-50%; independant jewellers can pay as much as 50%; while some exchange rate establishment payouts can range from as low as 45% to as high as 65%. Recycle Frog is always among the highest payout in the entire industry. Compare for yourself and put us to the test. It pays to shop around!

Before you do anything – please review the Jewellers Vigilance Committee and Canadian Jewellers Association’s Top 10 Tips for Selling Your Gold

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