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Why Choose Recycle Frog

Recycle Frog has set a new industry standard for transparency and ethics. We offer consumers more value and security than any of our competitors. Here are several ways we achieve this:

We Pay Our Customers More, Faster

Recycle Frog consistently pays 15-20% higher than the industry average. Payouts are made on-the-spot (with in-person evaluations and events) or within 48 hours (if sent direct) – not in days or weeks like most of the industry. There are no hidden charges, minimum quantities or confusing weight or currency conversions. When customers send direct we also cover the cost of shipping and insurance.

Because Recycle Frog is the largest gold and silver recycling company in Eastern Canada, we can offer among the highest payouts in the industry. That said, offering the best service in the industry isn’t always enough. Our promise to you is that we will always compete to earn your business. In the unlikely event that you get a written offer higher than ours – just bring it in and we’ll do everything we can to beat it. We want to earn EVERY customer, not only with our exceptional service, but with the best possible payout in the industry! The only ‘small print’ requirement is that you must bring the written offer in on the competitors business card or letterhead. Then let’s see what we can do to beat it!

Customer Service Excellence


It all starts with you, the customer. Taking care of you and your items every step of the way is the cornerstone of our business. We’ve always thought we delivered class-leading customer service… now our customers have nominated Recycle Frog several times for it! Stars of the City is a customer service excellence recognition program – and Recycle Frog is the ONLY gold and silver buyer to have been nominated. Not only that, we received THREE nominations. Click here to find out more about our customer service excellence award nominations!

Customer Consent Required

At Recycle Frog, whether in person, by phone or mail, we feel that every customer deserves to know every detail about the evaluation. That’s why we do everything possible to provide the same level of transparency regardless of whether you are in our office, at one of our many public events, sent your items in via secure, insured mail, or on the phone. We will always give you our best and final purchase offer. Only after you accept our offer do we issue payment.

This may seem like common sense, but it is not common practice. In fact, most companies send a cheque and, to be blunt, they hope to never hear back from you. If a consumer is unhappy with their offer, it is up to them to return the cheque and attempt to have their material returned. We believe that this is a terrible way to treat consumers and conduct business. So we’ve introduced a whole new way to treat consumers.

At Recycle Frog, we believe issuing payment without customer consent is unethical.

Safe, Honest, and Reliable Service

We have and will continue working to earn the confidence and trust of our customers by providing straight-forward, no-nonsense service. Our belief is that a business can only prosper when it exceeds every customer expectation and provides the best possible service. Exceeding customer expectations is the hallmark of our service – helping build Recycle Frog’s reputation for being North America’s precious metals recycler of choice.

Convenient Options

Recycle Frog is committed to making our customer’s recycling experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. If it’s inconvenient or uncomfortable to sell your unworn or broken gold jewellery then you are less likely to take this important financial and environmental step. That’s why Recycle Frog offers several convenient options including our in-person evaluations at our offices in Ottawa and Halifax. We also host hundreds of public buying events every year where you can have an in-person evaluation done right there in front of you. We also host private Recycle Frog Gold Parties™, corporate and community Recycle Frog Gold Drive™ fundraising events, or our RecyclePack, secure mail service. We provide convenience consumers won’t find elsewhere.

We Hedge Our Gold

Whenever a company buys a commodity such as gold, they run the risk that the price of that commodity will drop and they will be forced to sell at a price level lower than where they bought. This is known as market exposure or market risk. To reduce or eliminate market risk, companies will “hedge” their position, which simply means they will sell roughly the same amount of material purchased while the market price is the same.

Most companies operating in this industry mail a cheque to their customers without the customer accepting their offer. They then provide 10 days for the customer to return the cheque should they be unhappy with the payout. This means they are exposed to swings in the gold market for at least 10 days. These companies then pass on what is referred to as a “risk premium” to their customers in the form of lower payout rates.

Because Recycle Frog issues payment only after confirming offer acceptance with our customers, we are able to hedge our gold position in real time and virtually eliminate all market risk. This approach gives Recycle Frog the ability to pay our customers significantly more than our competition – consistently 15-20% above the industry average.

We Help Educate Consumers

At Recycle Frog, we believe we have an obligation to inform consumers not only of the financial incentives of recycling gold at these record prices, but also the enormous environmental benefits associated with recycling gold. We believe consumer education is the key to a healthier planet. We place a great deal of our corporate focus on challenging consumer perception around this transaction – a challenge to Rethink Recycle™.

Call us today, toll free, to experience the Recycle Frog difference.

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