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Recycle Frog Kicks Off Food Drive in Support of the Ottawa Food Bank

OTTAWA – NOVEMBER 29, 2013 – Recycle Frog, Ottawa’s largest and most trusted precious metals recycling company, is pleased to launch its Food Drive fundraising campaign in support of the Ottawa Food Bank. Starting today and through December 19th, Recycle Frog will be encouraging people to collect non-perishable food and drop it at its offices and public events.  Recycle Frog will then bring everything to the Ottawa Food Bank in support of the 140 emergency food programs that feed approximately 48,000 people per month – 37 per cent of whom are children.

“November 19th marked the launch of the CTV Morning Live/BOB FM/CFRA Food Drive for the Ottawa Food Bank and we felt it was important to find a way to support this incredible initiative,” said Matthew MacQuarrie, President, Recycle Frog. “We are blessed to have incredibly generous customers and people in Ottawa and the valley.  We’re counting on them to come out in large numbers to participate in Recycle Frog’s Food Drive.”

“It’s always so inspiring to see how the community gets involved in supporting the Ottawa Food Bank at this time of year,” said Samantha Ingram, Communications Coordinator, Ottawa Food Bank.  “This initiative by Recycle Frog is an amazing example of innovation and generosity,” Ingram added.

Every new and returning customer is encouraged to pick up a free Recycle Frog grocery bag, fill it with as much non-perishable food as they can afford, then drop it back off at either their World Exchange Plaza offices downtown, or at any one of our upcoming public events in the community.

“We’re trying to make it as easy as possible for people to participate,” MacQuarrie added. “You can come to our offices downtown, or our events all around the community, whatever is easier for you.” To encourage greater participation, Recycle Frog will donate an additional $5 to the Ottawa Food Bank for every bag that is turned in. “And we hope to be writing a really big cheque to them on December 20th,” added MacQuarrie.

Visit Recycle Frog in person at an upcoming event or go to their offices in the World Exchange Plaza to get your free grocery bag. You are also encouraged to bring friends and family to get their own bag… the more people that participate, the greater the benefit to those in our community in need of  support.

About Recycle Frog

Recycle Frog is one of Canada’s fastest growing and most trusted precious metals recyclers. Committed to setting a new standard of integrity and transparency, we provide a simple, secure and convenient recycling experience with tremendous financial, social and environmental benefits. Our innovative Gold Drive fundraising program provides support to invaluable community organizations such as United Way, Christmas Daddies, the Canadian Cancer Society and CHEO, among many others. Recycle Frog is an active member of the Recycling Council of Ontario.

About the Ottawa Food Bank

The Ottawa Food Bank is the Region’s central emergency food assistance organization. Through its 140 member agencies, the Ottawa Food Bank helped 48,000 individuals last month, 38 per cent of whom were children.

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Feel free to download a copy of Recycle Frog’s corporate brochure or its innovative fundraising Gold Drive program brochure:

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