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Recycle Frog Joins Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to Promote its Innovative Precious Metals Recycling Services

TORONTO and NEW YORK – August 4, 2009 — Recycle Frog, a next generation, direct to consumer precious metals recycling company with operations in the United States and Canada, today announced that they have begun building their presence on three key social networking sites, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. This addition to their marketing and communication strategy will allow Recycle Frog to begin broadcasting their latest news, events and updates to a growing number of followers interested in their precious metals recycling services.

Recycle Frog believes in using every possible means to inform consumers not only of the financial incentives of recycling gold at these near record prices, but also of the enormous environmental benefits resulting from recycling gold rather than mining it. We are convinced that consumer education is the key to a healthier planet and place a great deal of our corporate focus on challenging consumer perception around this recycling transaction.

“We have and will continue working to earn the confidence and trust of our customers through our straight-forward, no-nonsense service,” said David Martinek, Vice President, Marketing, Recycle Frog. “Our belief is that a business can only prosper when it exceeds every customer expectation and provides the best possible service. Providing honest, transparent communication plays an important role in exceeding these expectations and is the hallmark of our service. Being able to keep our customers, prospects and the media updated in real time is just one piece of that puzzle – helping build Recycle Frog’s reputation as North America’s precious metals recycler of choice.”

Recycle Frog is committed to making our customer’s recycling experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. If it’s convenient and comfortable to sell your unworn or broken gold jewellery then you are more likely to take this important financial and environmental step. That’s why Recycle Frog offers several convenient options including Recycle Frog Gold Parties™, corporate or community Recycle Frog Gold Drives™, local Certified Recycle Frog Agents, or our Send Direct model. It is something people should feel good about doing and Recycle Frog is a company they can feel good about dealing with.

Join our growing community on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook; help us promote our services; encourage more people to consider this important transaction and Rethink Recycle.

About Recycle Frog
Recycle Frog represents the next generation of precious metals recycling. We are committed to setting a new standard of integrity and transparency for our industry. We provide a simple, secure and rewarding experience that is rooted in educating consumers of the financial and environmental benefits of recycling gold. Recycle Frog is a trusted member of the Recycling Council of Ontario and the Jewelers Vigilance Committee. It’s time we Rethink Recycle.

Editorial Contact:
David Martinek
Recycle Frog