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Recycle Frog Partners with the City of Ottawa to Raise Environmental Awareness

OTTAWA & HALIFAX – August 9, 2012 – Recycle Frog, one of Canada’s fastest growing and most trusted precious metals recycling companies, and the City of Ottawa, have teamed up to increase awareness of the environmental benefits of precious metals recycling and solid waste management. Recycle Frog will be hosting a four day gold and silver buying event starting Saturday, August 11th, sharing their stage with the City on Monday, August 13th.

The City is undertaking a number of key initiatives to improve solid waste management services, including its Rethink Garbage education and community outreach campaign to increase blue and black box materials collected. Their participation, alongside Recycle Frog, this coming Monday at the Shenkman Arts Centre, is another innovative way to get this important information out.

“We host hundreds of events every year, giving our customers a fast and convenient way to sell and recycle their unwanted jewellery, coins and other items, for significantly more money than the industry average,” said David Martinek, VP Marketing. “We were pleased the City approached Recycle Frog to get their waste management message in the hands and ears of more people in our community. It compliments our ongoing effort to educate people of the tremendous environmental benefits of recycling gold and silver.”

The City of Ottawa manages solid waste from all residential households and some small non-residential establishments through a combination of public and public/private partnerships under various contracts. Much like Recycle Frog’s message of recycling old, unwanted precious metals, the City encourages the diversion of solid waste from landfill sites. Diverting waste benefits the environment and municipal taxpayers by reducing greenhouse gases, reducing demands for natural resources, generating revenue from waste, and maximizing landfill capacity.

“This partnership represents a significant milestone for Recycle Frog. Combining forces to communicate the importance of recycling precious metals, glass, plastic, paper and other solid waste will have immediate and long term benefits for the communities in which we work, live and play,” added Martinek. “Recycle Frog will continue to actively seek out new partnerships that promote recycling in all forms – doing our part towards creating sustainable communities for future generations to enjoy.”

Interested customers are encouraged to go to the Shenkman Arts Centre from Saturday to Tuesday, August 11th to 14th. People can meet Recycle Frog to receive a fast, no-cost, haggle-free material evaluation by a trained evaluation agent to determine the value of their gold and silver items. Once completed, a purchase offer will be presented with a cheque issued on the spot. The City will be on site on Monday from 9 to 4, providing information on its solid waste management services and initiatives.

About Recycle Frog

Recycle Frog is one of Canada’s fastest growing and most trusted precious metals recyclers. Committed to setting a new standard of integrity and transparency, we provide a simple, secure and convenient recycling experience with tremendous financial, social and environmental benefits. Our innovative Gold Drive fundraising program provides support to invaluable community organizations such as United Way, Christmas Daddies, the Canadian Cancer Society and CHEO, among many others. Recycle Frog is an active member of the Recycling Council of Ontario.

Editorial Contact:
David Martinek
VP, Marketing & Communications
Phone: 613.755.4030

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