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Recycle Frog’s Gold Drive Program Reaches Community Fundraising Milestone

OTTAWA – November 25, 2010 – Recycle Frog, Canada’s fastest growing and most trusted precious metals recycling company, proudly announced that this month marks the first anniversary of its Gold Drive™ program. In its inaugural year, the program has raised in excess of $55,000 for numerous local charities such as United Way Ottawa, CHEO and the Ottawa chapter of the Canadian Cancer Society. Funds are raised when people sell their gold and silver items to Recycle Frog, and the company diverts a portion of the proceeds to the recipient charity.

“Our innovative fundraising program makes the process of gold buying much more accessible,” said Matthew MacQuarrie, President, Recycle Frog. “It’s a program that many people can participate in, and they can do so easily in a safe, convenient manner. Our customers appreciate that, which ultimately means more support for the invaluable work of our community’s charities.”

The milestone is being marked with a weekend of fundraising for United Way Ottawa as it heads into the final days of its 2010 community campaign. Gold Drive events are being held at the St-Laurent Complex and the Bob MacQuarrie Recreation Complex. People are encouraged to visit either venue for a free, one-on-one evaluation of their gold or silvery jewellery and other items. By doing so, participants will be taking advantage of the record-high market prices while simultaneously helping Recycle Frog raise considerable contributions for United Way. Since the launch of the 2010 campaign in September, more than 50 Gold Drive events have been hosted at private and public organizations, including RBC, Transport Canada, AMEX, National Research Council and many others.

The demand for Recycle Frog’s Gold Drive events continues to grow with each passing week. The one-of-a-kind program offers charities and not-for-profit groups a turnkey option that is easy to organize, promote and execute. The Recycle Frog team offers marketing and promotions support, trained agents deliver honest, transparent and friendly evaluation services, and secure payouts for participants and the charities are issued on the spot.

“It’s never been more true, this is the perfect time to sell your unwanted gold and silver items,” added MacQuarrie. “The recent spikes in the market price of gold mean that long-forgotten items hidden in drawers can be recycled into record high payouts for people and easy money for great causes.”

About Gold Drives™
A Recycle Frog Gold Drive is a simple, innovative fundraising event unlike any other. It provides employees, individuals and charitable organizations with a safe, convenient and financially rewarding way to recycle unworn or broken gold jewellery while supporting the chosen cause. The true power of the program lies in its ability to generate high value transactions that simultaneously benefit the fundraising campaign and its participants. No other program allows people to walk away with money in their pockets while supporting their charitable campaign. Consumers and organizations can also take comfort in knowing Recycle Frog customer payouts are independently verified with specified audit procedures performed by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

About Recycle Frog
Recycle Frog is one of Canada’s fastest growing and most trusted precious metals recyclers. Committed to setting a new standard of integrity and transparency, we provide a simple, secure and convenient recycling experience with tremendous financial, social and environmental benefits. Our innovative Gold Drive fundraising program provides support to invaluable community organizations such as United Way, the Canadian Cancer Society and CHEO, among many others. Recycle Frog is a member of Jewellers Vigilance Canada and Recycling Council of Ontario.

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