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Behind Gold’s Glitter

A New York Times Series – Behind Gold’s Glitter

Many recognized and respected industry experts have gone to great lengths to expose the truth behind the real cost of gold. This section is dedicated to the New York Times series of articles and videos. It’s not just about what we’re saying, hear what others have to say about the inconceivable damage we’re doing to uncover relatively miniscule amounts of gold. We’re helping expose the real toll it’s taking on our planet, its people and the displaced lives to meet the quest to satisfy our lust for gold.

It’s time we reconsider how we’re meeting the demand for gold. While the demand will almost certainly always be there, we CAN help meet that demand through consumer recycling efforts. Today, less than 25% of the demand is being met through these activities – we think we can do better. It’s time we Rethink Recycle.

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• The Curse of Inca Gold
• The Cost of Gold – 30 Tons an Ounce
• The Cost of Gold – The Treasure of Yanacocha