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The Beer Bottle Challenge

Thank you for taking our Beer Bottle Challenge. When it comes to recycling, there is one material that stands head-and-shoulders above the rest, beer bottles. Precious metals recycling is a foreign concept to most people, but almost everyone is familiar with beer bottle recycling. So, to illustrate the importance of recycling unworn and broken gold jewelry, lets take a moment to draw a comparison to beer bottles.

We’ll begin with a simple question: Why do so many people recycles their empty beer bottles? The answer to this question is broadly split into two categories:

I. The Financial Incentive

Recycling ones empty bottles provides a small financial incentive, usually 10¢ per bottle. While each bottle may not be worth much on its own, collectively the total can quickly add up.

II. The Environmental Incentive

It wasn’t long ago that a person would not have thought twice about tossing an empty bottle in the trash. How times have changed. Today, consumers are actively seeking new ways to reduce their environmental footprint and bottle recycling has become a generally accepted practice.

Consider now, these same two incentives, financial and environmental, but as they relate to recycling a single gold wedding band,(18 karat, 10.35 grams).

With gold near record prices, the financial incentive is high. A Recycle Frog customer would receive approximately $175 for recycling this single wedding band. That’s equivalent to recycling 145 cases of beer bottles!

If we continue along those lines, it is estimated that to produce a single gold wedding band a mining company generates 20 tons of mine waste. That’s the weight equivalent of 56,460 cases of beer bottles!

Our point is simple, as a society, our perspective on recycling has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Most of us consider various forms of recycling to be part of our everyday activities. We no longer simply toss out our paper with the trash or put plastic bottles in with cardboard cereal boxes. As our individual and social conscience continues to evolve, we seek out new ways to renew and recycle our precious resources. Recycling unworn or broken gold jewellery is part of that evolution. It’s time we Rethink Recycle.