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At Recycle Frog, we understand consumers want choices. Some people prefer to be present during the material evaluation while others enjoy the speed and convenience of sending their material directly to us. Our goal is to accommodate your preference, not convince you of it. Whether you choose to come out to one of our many public gold (and silver) buying events, schedule an in-person evaluation at the Innovative Professional Offices in Ottawa or securely send your items directly to us – the choice is yours.

Recycle Frog represents a new type of gold recycler, serving a new type of consumer. So if you’ve ever wondered how much that old or broken gold necklace, ring or watch was worth, there’s one thing for certain, it’s never been worth more.

Simply choose which method is most convenient for you and get started today.

Public Gold Buying Events
In-Person Evaluation at our Ottawa and Halifax offices
Secure, Insured Mail
Recycle Frog Gold Drive™ Fundraising Event
Recycle Frog Gold Parties


Not everyone is able to come to our offices… so to offer the highest possible level of convenience – we’ll come to you! Recycle Frog hosts several gold and silver buying public events every weekend, and we’re sure to be out in your neighbourhood soon! So if you’ve ever wondered how much your old gold and silver jewellery was worth, simply put, it’s never been worth more. Learn more about our upcoming Public Gold Buying Events.


Some customers prefer to be present during the material evaluation, if that’s the case, you can schedule an appointment at our office in downtown Ottawa at Innovative Professional Offices, or at the Terrace Professional Centre offices on the Bedford Highway in Halifax. This in-person experience is one of several ways we set ourselves apart from our competition. Being able to sit with an expert is important to many of our customers. We don’t take your items into a back room, or tell you to ‘come back in an hour’. We want to look you in the eye and give you every opportunity to ask questions all in a comfortable, safe environment. Learn more about our In Person Evaluations.


A Gold Drive™ is a simple concept modeled in part on the traditional Tupperware Party. In this case, people receive the most money possible for simply recycling their unworn and unwanted gold and silver items while simultaneously generating a significant contribution to the charitable organization. Supporters are invited to participate in a gold / silver recycling event where Recycle Frog donates 10% of every completed transaction to support the cause. So the participant gets money – and the charity receives a cheque from Recycle Frog too. Everyone wins. Learn more about Gold Drives™.

This program has been received exceptionally well by several notable organizations including the United Way, CHEO Foundation, the Canadian Cancer Society, and the Christmas Exchange because it provides real value to both the supported cause and the individual recycling their gold. Instead spending countless hours on dozens of low margin transactions, substantial funds are raised quickly with only a few high value transactions. Imagine, friends, family and colleagues supporting a cause while walking away with money in their pocket. Click here to download Recycle Frog’s Gold Drive brochure.


Our direct mail service offers consumers a fast, convenient and secure means to recycle their unworn or broken gold jewellery. Customers simply complete our Get Started form to request a free Recycle Frog Recycle Kit. You’ll get your Recycle Kit within 72 hours and we will begin evaluating your material. A Recycle Frog Customer Service Agent will then contact the customer directly with the results and our best and final settlement offer.

Let us be 100% clear. We’re NOT like those other companies that simply send you a cheque and hope you take their offer. Instead, once your items are received we complete our expert evaluation. We then call you to discuss the results of the evaluation. You’re then given the opportunity to ask any and all questions BEFORE we even make you an offer. Only upon your acceptance of our offer will payment be issued. Learn more about our Secure Mail Service.


Are you tired of being invited to parties where you’re expected to overpay for something you probably don’t even need? Consider a new twist on an old theme where you get paid to host a party! Hosting or attending a Recycle Frog Gold Party is fun and financially rewarding. Imagine getting paid to get rid of those old gold rings and chains while receiving on-the-spot payment. And as the host, you receive 10% of the total value of the gold purchased! Learn more about Gold Parties.

We only require a minimum of 8 participants and 2-3 hours to host a successful event.

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Feel free to download a copy of Recycle Frog’s corporate brochure or its innovative fundraising Gold Drive program brochure:

Corporate brochure
Gold Drive Fundraising brochure

Should you need any additional information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone, email or standard mail.