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In Person Evaluations

Building consumer confidence and gaining trust have been cornerstones for Recycle Frog’s success. Our customers can schedule material evaluations at our office at the Innovative Professional Offices in Ottawa  where they will receive an in-person experience that sets us apart from our competition.


We’ve always thought we delivered class-leading customer service… now our customers have nominated Recycle Frog several times for it! Stars of the City is a customer service excellence recognition program – and Recycle Frog is the ONLY gold and silver buyer to have been nominated. Not only that, we received THREE nominations. Click here to find out more about our customer service excellence award nominations!

Our customers want to be part of the process, not silent spectators. Being able to sit across from one of our material evaluation experts is incredibly important part of an open, transparent and fair service. We don’t take your material into a back room, or tell you to “come back in an hour”. We engage you at every step of the process, giving you the chance to look us in the eye and ask questions all in a comfortable, safe environment. This is just one of several unique ways we demonstrate our willingness to go the extra mile to provide you with the best possible customer experience.

So if you’ve ever wondered how much your old gold and silver jewellery was worth, simply put, it’s never been worth more. Contact us today to schedule your in-person expert material evaluation.

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