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Recycle Frog Gold Drive

A Recycle Frog Gold Drive™ is one of the most simple, innovative fundraising ideas to come along in years. Unlike any other event, Gold Drives provide employees and individuals with a safe, convenient and financially rewarding way to recycle their unworn or broken gold jewellery while supporting their charitable cause!

With the price of gold at record highs, the average Canadian household has between $450 and $550 in unworn or broken gold jewellery. The problem is, consumers don’t have a effective way to recycle it and ‘cash in’ on this modern day gold rush. Just look at today’s options… Mail-in ‘cash-for-gold’ companies, mall kiosks and seedy pawnshops do nothing to inspire trust for a ‘fair deal‘ with prudent consumers.

Gold Drives™ are an intelligent alternative. They are easy, fun and financially rewarding. Consumers can also take comfort in knowing Recycle Frog evaluations are all done right their in front of them. Nothing is hidden. No ‘hidden charges’ or uncomfortable negotiating. Just a fair, honest service they can trust. What’s best is – Recycle Frog will donate 10% of all proceeds to the host or the charity or your choosing!

The Power of a Gold Drive

The true power of this innovative fundraising concept lies in its ability to generate high value transactions that simultaneously benefit the fundraising campaign and its participants. No other program allows employees and individuals to walk away with money in their pockets while simultaneously raising important donations that support their charitable campaign.

What others are saying…

“We’re always searching for fun, easy to organize events that maximize dollars raised for the United Way. Recycle Frog’s Gold Drive program meets these requirements and then some.”
Chantal Charbonneau | Director, Community Campaign | United Way Centraide

“What a great twist on fundraising. Our first couple of events were so successful that we had to add more days!”
Norma Lamont | Vice President, Community Development | CHEO Foundation

“Recycle Frog did all the work… all we had to do was provide a room and put up the posters they provided. Our first event raised over $1,700 in just under 8 hours and we’ve booked them in for more events later this year.”
Brenda McNealy | Zion Memorial United Church

Who we can help

Gold Drives help raise money for any number of corporate, non-profit and charitable organizations. It doesn’t matter whether you’re an internationally recognized brand or a locally run charity doing their part to support the people in our community – Recycle Frog’s Gold Drive program can help.

Here’s a sample of who we help raise money for:

Schools, Colleges & Universities
Registered Charities
Non-profits & Foundations
Private & public corporations
Community Centers
Sports Teams
Social Causes and more…

There’s no limit to who we can help.

How it Works

1. Select your Gold Drive event date(s).

2. Recycle Frog will prepare all promotional materials, including emails, website and posters. There is zero cost and almost no work for your campaign team.

3. Participants have their items expertly evaluated and are provided with our best and final purchase offer. Once they accept, Recycle Frog issues a cheque on-the-spot.

Your chosen charity benefits by receiving a portion of each transaction. Recycle Frog will donate 10% of all proceeds to the host or the charity! We’ll write a cheque to the charity at the end of each event!

Note: White Gold, Platinum and Silver are also accepted. In any condition and there are no minimums or maximums.

There are a growing number of well-respected charitable organizations and Community Partners choosing Recycle Frog’s innovative fundraising concept. Find out how a Gold Drive™ can help you raise more money faster than previously thought possible – simply click on the button below and complete the contact form or email us directly at

Click here to download Recycle Frog’s Gold Drive brochure

Get Started Now

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Feel free to download a copy of Recycle Frog’s corporate brochure:

Corporate brochure

Should you need any additional information or assistance please do not hesitate to contact us directly by phone, email or standard mail.