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Secure, Insured Direct Mail

There is no shortage of companies trying to get you to mail in your gold. You just have to turn on your TV, search the Internet or your local paper and you’ll be bombarded with commercials by those ‘cash-for-gold’ type companies, or as we call them, ‘glorified pawnshops’, high on flash but low on substance. While there might appear to be several ‘options’, they’re all essentially carbon-copies of the other – and none really provide a transparent, fair or financially rewarding direct mail service.

Recycle Frog represents a new type of gold recycler, serving a new type of consumer. Whether you meet us in person at our offices, participate in one of our many fundraising events, or choose to mail your material to us – we always do our best to provide a professional service unlike anything in our industry.

Our direct mail service provides a fast, convenient and secure means to recycle your unworn or broken gold (silver or platinum) jewellery (and other items). It’s also completeley transparent. Simply complete our Get Started form and Recycle Frog will send a pre-paid, insured Recycle Kit to you within 72 hours.

How is Recycle Frog’s Secure Mail Service Different?

1 – Unlike those other companies that simply send you a cheque and hope you take their ‘offer’ – a Recycle Frog Agent will actually call you with the evaluation results.

2 – We will discuss the results with you, giving you the opportunity to ask any and all questions BEFORE we make you a purchase offer.

3 – We’ll make our best and final offer to purchase your items. Unlike those other companies who low ball you with a terrible ‘first offer’ – we prefer to give you our best offer right away.

4 – Only upon your acceptance of our offer will payment be issued in the form of a cheque.

We should also mention that, in the unlikely event that you don’t accept our offer, we’ll simply return your items free of charge. There’s no cost, no risk, it’s completely secure (insured) and incredibly convenient.

Our goal is to replicate the service you would receive if you were sitting right there in front of us. A completely open and transparent service that properly rewards you financially for choosing to do business with us. It’s amazing how Canadian consumers have responded to being treated fairly – quickly making Recycle Frog Canada’s fastest growing and most trusted precious metal recycling company! But don’t just listen to us, check out what our customers and partners have to say about their Recycle Frog experience.

If you haven’t already seen this, please check out this ABC video interview about those other gold buyers. It’s a real eye-opener and one of many reasons why Recycle Frog came to be. We always encourage you to do your homework. Talk to friends and family, search the Internet and the Better Business Bureau before you choose who you do business with. Information will protect you, in most cases, from being taken advantage of.

When you’re ready, all you need to do is simply click on the Get Started button below, complete the form and within 3-4 business days you’ll receive your Recycle Frog Recycle Kit. We look forward to serving you!

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Feel free to download a copy of Recycle Frog’s corporate brochure:

Corporate brochure
Gold Drive Fundraising Program brochure

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